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Since opening our doors in 1989, terratec Geophysical Services has always been defining new questions and pushing the limits together with our suppliers in order to offer our clients unique solutions for their specific needs.


1996   Development of ion selective Nitrate pH Oxygen borehole logging probe for ground water quality and environmental projects.

(Research project: BMBF ministry “Deponieuntergrund”)


1999   First horizontal boreholes with the optical borehole scanner on the Alp Transit project

(Monte Ceneri Base Tunnel, Switzerland)


1999   First horizontal boreholes underground at Lötschbergtunnel using special pushing rods and adaptor to the drill string in holes with 200m length.



2005   One of the first companies to use optical borehole scanners for exploration and geotechnical applications in mining, including the extraction of colour information which was correlated with gold mineralisation.

(Morilla Mine, Mali)


2006   Development of the field method (HIRIP high resolution Induced Polarisation) by using multi electrode receiver systems with external standard IP transmitters in order to get high resolution data at surface as well as deep penetration depths.



2009   Development of 18mm diameter flexible borehole logging tools measuring gamma temperature and deviation, in order to quality-check geothermal heat wells.


2010   The Spin-Off company TEC-CORIM was created with the idea of developing a drill core imager system to georeference and import drill core photographs as strip logs into standard borehole logging software.


2011   Designed and built 4 2000m, 4-conductor winch to improve existing designs in order to achieve higher safety standards.

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