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The acquisition, compilation, processing, analysis and interpretation of geophysical data are the main activities of terratec Geophysical Services.


terratec Geophysical Services adds value by applying geophysical techniques in the following domains:

MINING: grass route exploration, drill target generation, exploration, exploration drilling, definition, geotechnics, mine water, surface and underground and tailing dam investigation.

GROUNDWATER: exploration, water well drilling, thermal water, mineral water, geothermal and drilling.

GEOTECHNICS: hydropower plants, cavern builiding, tunneling, landslides, roads, railways and cavity research.

GEOTHERMAL: shallow and deep geothermal wells.

For further informations please contact: terratec germany, Schillerstr. 3, 79423 Heitersheim, phone: +49 (0) 7634 4644, fax: +49 (0) 7634 4634, email: info(at) Thank you!