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The electromagnetic methods used measure the response of the subsurface on an applied electromagnetic field that can be naturally or technically generated.  Electromagnetic measurements can be employed to:


    • Detect highly conductive subvertical anomalies such as massive sulphides or water bearing fractures. (Horizontal loop, VLF)
    • Detect different layers of conductivity in the subsurface such as clay, graphite or as displayed in saline water.
    • Map near-surface structures such as cavities, fracture zones or the thickness of overburden.

terratec Geophysical Services uses the combination of the following techniques:


    • AMT (Audio Magnetotelluric)
    • NSAMT (Natural Source Audio Magnetotelluric)
    • CSAMT (Controlled Source Audio Magnetotelluric)
    • RMT (Radio Magnetotelluric)
    • TDEM (Time Domain Electromagnetic)
    • FDEM (Frequency Domain Electromagnetic), HLEM (Horizontal Loop Electomagnetics), VLEM (Vertical Loop Electromagnetics), Slingram
    • VLF, VLF-R (Very Low Frequency Domain)
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