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Geoelectric measurements to determine the resistivity and the chargeability of the area can be performed as vertical soundings (VES), mapping (profiling) or imaging in 2D and 3D.


Specific resistivity of geologic materials such as limestone, metamorphic rock or unconsolidated sediments can vary. Geoelectrical measurements are used to detect and map the changes in subsurface resistivity.


Induced Polarisation (IP) measures the chargeability of the subsurface and is used to detect zones with a high concentration of chargeable material such as sulfidic ores or clay minerals.


terratec Geophysical Services mainly use the following geometrical arrays in 2D or 3D:


  • GradientArray
  • Dipole - Dipole
  • Pole Dipole
  • Resistivity Tomography
  • HIRIP (High Resolution Induced Polarization)
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